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40 years of reform and opening-up, great achievements have been made in guangzhou tourism

Date: 2018-12-02

Back at 40 years of reform and opening-up, challenge of guangzhou tourism.

The southernmost in guangzhou, nansha cruise home port call at one of the world's most advanced cruise;Journey north, zengcheng and conghua rural tourism is in full swing;Back to the city center, there is the landmark building of guangzhou tower, huacheng square, p plus visitors to praise others.Go to panyu, guangzhou chime-long outshine others, world-class theme park in line with international standards.

Looking back at the beginning of the reform and opening up, the guangzhou tourism is bearing the weight of the opening of "pioneer" at the start.White swan hotel opened in 1983, its first of many, the first foreign investment in the five-star hotel, the first four door open is open to the masses of senior hotel, the first use of credit card, the advanced hotel management experiences from guangzhou radiation throughout the country.

Guangzhou is the national famous tourism city."Old" is famous for love to travel, from the earliest of Hong Kong and Macao swim, then the rise of southeast Asia, Europe and the United States to swim so far hot, ubiquitous old to figure.Guangzhou is a well-known international tourist destination, signboard of "eating in guangzhou", make numerous tourists come to enjoy the food in guangzhou."Chinese New Year, guangzhou huacheng see flowers" has become another important business card of guangzhou tourism, sports center, parade float, make the world visitors experience the charm of huacheng.

Nowadays, guangzhou tourism and usher in new opportunities!Guangzhou is by promoting the development of global tourism, promote fusion, tourism and other industries to build global tourism landscape.On a large bay area of guangdong, guangzhou, along with other members, with large bay area will, dig potential policy, deepening cooperation tourism market.


Guangzhou tourism "too"

40 years of reform and opening up, guangzhou tourism innovation, constantly in line with international standards of 40 years.

The most representative among them, guangzhou hotel industry, in the process of reform and opening up has always been in a leading position.In 1983, China's first sino-foreign cooperative hotel established in guangzhou white swan hotel opening, known as the confirm the successful model of reform and opening up.Opening date, the white swan, as one of the most famous five-star hotels in China, over the years received including queen Elizabeth ii, more than 40 heads of state and government of the country, and in 1985 became the first Chinese member "world-class hotel group.

Domestic first star hotel was born in guangzhou!In June 1989, the star of the judges announced the first batch of star hotel list, a total of eight, including 7 1 four-star, three star classes are from guangzhou.For the first time in 1990, the national tourism administration assessment of the three five-star hotels, two of which are from guangzhou, they are the white swan hotel and hotel in China.In June 2007, guangzhou garden hotel is the star of the judges rating for the platinum five-star hotel, is one of the first three platinum five-star hotels in China, so far only three of the country.After the Asian games, guangzhou tourism development environment and international status, the rapid development of international brand hotel in guangzhou, high-end hotel market continues to boom.

In October 1999, guangzhou conde international travel agency co., LTD., approved by the pilot.The travel agency by GuangZhiLv international travel service co., LTD. And Hong Kong conde travel agency co., LTD., a joint venture, when the China to join the WTO, the eve of the service industry is more open, as the first to eat crab joint venture travel agencies, the establishment of the guangzhou conde caused great repercussions in the tourism industry, further shows that China's service industry leading travel agency industry opening to the outside world.On December 18, 1999, guangzhou conde international travel agency co., LTD was formally established in guangzhou.


Guangzhou tourism in line with international standards

In recent years, in a more open attitude to develop tourism in guangzhou.According to the world tourism council (WTTC) newly released "2018 city tourism and tourism impact, according to a report in terms of tourism income direct contribution to GDP, guangzhou be between 2007 and 2017, one of the fastest growing global tourism 10 cities.11 years, the guangzhou tourism revenue increased from 2007, 79.815 billion yuan in 2017 to 361.421 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 14.72%.

In 2018, guangzhou tourism constantly enrich tourism products system, optimize the structure of tourism resources, tourism public service, vigorously promote the development of high quality tourism, tourism growth trends continue.In the first three quarters of this year, the city's tourist reception of the total number of 144 million, up 9.6%;Tourism income of 244.745 billion yuan, up 10.52% from a year earlier.

"Chinese New Year, guangzhou huacheng see flowers" tourism brand is more and more bright.In recent years, through the guangzhou tourism bureau to promote unceasingly, Chinese New Year, "guangzhou huacheng see flowers" has a minor celebrity in the world.The Spring Festival this year, the guangzhou innovation held the "international tourism, famous people happiness, guangzhou tour" and "city spirit, glory trip" activities, invite Chinese New Year, the international tourism industry leading people to guangzhou guangzhou city spirit outstanding delegates elected free cruise.The success of the Chinese New Year parade float, 680000 citizens tourists enthusiasm to participate in, also let sanya guangzhou for the first time, become the Spring Festival is the most popular domestic parent-child family tourist destination.

Visitors to guangzhou tourism might as well buy a first "guangzhou city travel card".This small card is in guangzhou fully draw lessons from London, New York, Paris, Vienna, advanced experience of the international tourism city, pioneered in the country's transportation, scenic spots, hotels, shopping preferential card in the integration of tourism.Analysis, according to the guangzhou city travel card, is conducive to snap "guangzhou depth tour" brand, with prosperous guangzhou tourism market further.

Reputation in the international, the Michelin guide also come to guangzhou.In 2018, the first released version of the Michelin guide in guangzhou, guangzhou has become China the second destination for Michelin guide assessment.Then, released the Michelin guide of guangdong guangzhou also innovation, boost brand to the world of guangdong.

In recent years, the guangzhou tourism internationalization steps continue to move forward.The guangzhou tourism sector through enhancing tourism foreign exchanges and cooperation, successively in 30 domestic major tourist city, 14 countries and regions to carry out the tourism marketing campaign, the new 20 "outside of guangzhou tourism promotion center", to be launched in guangzhou tourism international brand provides important support.


Guangzhou tourism usher in new opportunities

Global tourism development entered the new period, for the guangzhou tourism has injected new momentum.According to the city tourism bureau, guangzhou will vigorously promote the development of global tourism, further improve the tourism industry.According to "guangzhou promotes the development of global tourism action plan", the next three years will strive to build guangzhou has become a large bay area of guangdong unique garden city.At the same time, guangzhou will promote the global tourism demonstration area to create work, and comprehensively promote the tourism industry development.

A large bay area of guangdong is China's strongest comprehensive strength, open the highest degree, one of the most dynamic region economy.A large bay area of guangdong construction as the guangzhou tourism development has brought new opportunities.In April this year, Hong Kong and Macao to the first big bay city tourism union members meeting, as the first presidency and the host, the guangzhou tourism bureau, Hong Kong and Macao to strengthen big bay area tourism cooperation put forward three Suggestions, namely, to establish perfect contact big bay tourism coordination mechanism;Push forward the bay tourism quality development;To develop an innovative international tourism environment.

Hong Kong and Macao tourism exchange delegation successively to guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao to promote bay area cooperation, communication scale not only in Hong Kong and Macao to spike swap tourism in recent years, and solid communication precision.According to introducing, tourism services department of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong tourism board and Disneyland, Ocean Park, ngong ping 360 key scenic spots and travel agencies on behalf of 120 people in Hong Kong, Macao government representatives as well as the travel industry on behalf of nearly 50 people, successively entourage.Hong Kong and macau delegation also huacheng plaza, guangzhou tower, Beijing road one thousand ancient sites, such as the pearl river nightscape guangzhou city landmarks and tourist business CARDS as focuses on content, on the ground and the scenic area management personnel exchange project construction experience, do a solid precision.

In the study of communication, guangzhou Hong Kong and macau authorities in the original port of guangzhou tourism cooperation framework agreement, "guangzhou Macao to strengthen tourism cooperation memorandum", "" quality integrity tour" cooperation agreement ", the port of guangzhou travel agency industry cooperation framework agreement, on the basis of jointly to promote convenience "144 hours", "72 hours transit visa-free policy" and stay by the Hong Kong and Macao in guangzhou international tourists visa-free policy has carried on the further exploration.Further guangzhou Hong Kong and macau travel agencies "red list" and "blacklist" system cooperation, we will improve the mechanism of guangzhou Hong Kong and Macao tourism product market reference price announced, we regularly organize "quality integrity guangzhou Hong Kong and Macao swim" thematic activities, to develop "quality integrity guangzhou Hong Kong and Macao swim" brand has carried on the further research.

In the new period, implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, develop the rural tourism, another focus is the development of tourism of guangzhou.According to understand, guangzhou implemented the guangzhou rural tourism development planning (2017-2025) ", "guangzhou rural tourism development action plan three years (2018-2020)" the guangzhou tourism culture village create guidance documents, such as strengthening the rural tourism development policies to guide and support.Guangzhou also study formulated the "cantonese cuisine chef engineering overall plan".On September 26, the province's first cantonese teacher studio was founded in conghua district and suburban street west village, a senior master of Chinese cuisine, a state-level judges yong-tai li master as national food industry, such as Ma Jianxiong cooking master and white swan hotel in guangzhou panxi restaurant, hotel executive chef, a total of 23 expert teacher.

The development of rural tourism development, cannot leave the home stay facility.Guangzhou for the guangzhou promote rural home stay facility development guidance "rural home stay facility service quality standards and evaluation rules" and other documents, take the government guidance, "company + farmer cooperatives, the villagers" collaboration mode, promote combined agriculture with tourism depth;Concentration is introduced into the high-end home tourism projects, through the development of features high-end boutique b&b industry of home stay facility, efficient revitalize the rural "sleeping" real estate resources, promoting rural home stay facility from the quantitative to the latter, mainly by the low-end products, diversified direction change.At present, the city's rural home a total of more than 700, "tian yuan flowers homes" emerge "season" reading "wo" as the "knot" between "m club" and so on one batch of high-quality goods home stay facility.